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Nepal Breakfast Tea

£ 6.39
100 g | 40 cups

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Nepal Teas: A new tea journey


Although tea plantations in Nepal began at the same time as it did in Darjeeling, external factors didn't allow its growth. It was only recently that Nepal started producing quality teas like Guaranse and Ilam teas. The Antu Valley, Kanyam, and other regions in Nepal have also started producing quality tea and are worth mentioning.


Nepal Tea Traders: Smallholders


Unlike Darjeeling, The Nepal tea industry consists of smallholders who have farms that are less than an acre in size. Nepal’s production centres are regional factories buying in leaf from the smallholders.  

The Nepal tea gardens produce high-quality black tea that is a less expensive variety to the Darjeeling black tea. The Nepal black tea is slightly softer and a little woodier than the Darjeeling black tea.

All Nepal teas from the Nepal tea gardens are fresh and organic. The Guranse estate is the centre of development for the new Nepal tea industry and is in the forefront of techniques. Fresh Nepal tea is grown from cloned bushes and not seed. These clones are obtained by experimenting with young Darjeeling mother bushes that are robust, disease resistant and flavourful.


The superlative green


The famous Nepal green teas are more Japanese styled than Chinese. These greens have a very clean taste, are less bitter and more appealing than the Chinese green tea.