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Donyi Polo Special Spring Oolong Tea

£ 11.19
100 g | 33 cups

Bermiok Classic Spring Oolong Tea

£ 12.79
50 g | 20 cups

Bermiok Classic Autumn Black Tea

£ 11.99
100 g | 40 cups

Lakyrsiew Exotic Summer Black

£ 25.59
100 g | 40 cups

High Mountain Oolong Tea

£ 13.59
100 g | 40 cups

From the Far East


The hilly states of the far north-east region are known for its tea apart from the scenic beauty the regions have to offer. The Temi Tea Estate of Sikkim established in 1986 is one of the oldest tea estates in the region. It is governed by the government of Sikkim. The first tea garden in the state of Arunachal Pradesh was the Donyi Polo. Since then, The Northeast region has seen a steady growth is small tea estates that are doing pretty well by.


Exceptional teas


Although young, the tea estates in the Northeast region produce high-quality tea as they have a similar climate and environmental set up to Darjeeling. Sikkim's Temi Tea has travelled the globe to become a favourite of many avid tea drinkers. Tea from the Temi tea estate is organically certified, in fact, the golden flowery orange pekoe #1 produced here is one of the purest teas in the region. The famous Temi tea can be bought online.


Bermiok Tea Estate, Sikkim


The Bermiok tea estate covers over 15 acres of land and was started in 2002. Apart from being the youngest tea gardens in history, it is also completely organic and produces around 1200kg of tea a year. It is situated at an elevation of 2500ft to 3200ft in the highlands of Sikkim. The tea cultivated here is more floral with an aroma of fresh dew drops. Most of the plantations are covered with Chinary bushes with patches of TV1 and TV2 clonal bushes.


Lakyrsiew Tea Estate, Meghalaya.


Another young tea estate worth mentioning is the Lakyrsiew Tea Estate of Meghalaya. It was started in 2002 and is also organic. The estate received its organic certificate in 2010. The plantation is situated on the southern bank of Umiam lake at an altitude of between 1,000 and 1,300 metres.  The estate produces about 5000 kg of tea a year from its 25 acres plantation. Tea from this estate is hand plucked, allowing only the finest tea leaves to be used in the making of the tea