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Nilgiri White Tea

£ 16.00
18 Teabags | 18 cups

Darjeeling White Tea

£ 16.00
18 Teabags | 18 cups


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What is White Tea?


Although white tea comes from the same Camellia sinensis plant, it is a lesser oxidized tea like green tea and has a pale light yellow colour when brewed. The silvery‐white hairs that cover the unopened buds of the plant gave it the name white tea. You can process white tea by either allowing the loose leaves to wither for a long time and then dry them, or alternatively, you can steam or fry the loose tea leaves first to deactivate the polyphenol oxidase, and then dry them. Either way, if you make the tea from young buds harvested early in the season from a height of 5000 ft, the flavour will be more mature and intense, making one of the best white teas you'll ever have. The Silver Needle tea is the best example of the finest white tea.



White tea benefits


The antioxidant present in organic white tea possesses a number of health benefits, making it an excellent diet drink for weight loss. Fresh white tea has antioxidants that can protect you against free radicals, chronic disease, and inflammation. So, you can now enjoy this zero-calorie drink without worrying about putting on any extra weight.



How to select the best white tea?


In India, regions like Darjeeling, Nepal, and the Nilgiris are known for producing the best white teas. The teas produced in each of these regions differ from each other in taste and texture. Darjeeling whites are crisp and floral and similar to Nepal's white teas, that is less complex and more mellow, while the white teas from Nilgiris have a velvety texture with hints of tropical fruit flavours.


Our white tea collection includes samples of all whites from estates including Castleton, Namring, and Margaret’s Hope in Darjeeling, Bilimalai and Glendale in Nilgiris, Guranse and Mai‐Ilam in Nepal. We also have white tea bags that will give you the same goodness loose tea leaves have to offer.